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2005 News Archive

Sarawak’s logging giant answers critics (20 December 2005)

Golden Hope Plantations to build biodiesel plant (20 December 2005)

Decade-long struggle bags rights award (9 December 2005)

Press meet ‘sabotaged’ (3 December 2005)

BRIMAS' Press Statement on MTCC (3 December 2005)

'Orang utans’ with placards rock summit (2 December 2005)

TAHABAS' Press Statement during IMES Summit (2 December 2005)

Pictures of TAHABAS' Press Conference & Demonstration at IMES 2005 (2 December 2005)

Taib defends timber policy (1 December 2005)

64 NGOs urge European Governments not to accept Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (1 December 2005)

Shaking Money from Borneo's Trees (2 November 2005)

Villagers mount barricades against timber firm (2 November 2005)

Govt slammed for snubbing Orang Asli meet (26 October 2005)

Sabah natives see red over land woes (25 October 2005)

A deadly battle over land in Sarawak (24 October 2005)

Ibans want compensation for damages to graves (22 October 2005)

Ibans stand firm on land rights (21 October 2005)

Bakun dam more than half-completed (21 October 2001)

Sabah group out to assist Sarawak Ibans (20 October 2005)

Rh Nor files appeal to Federal Court (20 October 2005)

Iban ‘arsonists’ to sue logging firm (15 October 2005)

Ibans who set logs on fire released (13 October 2005)

Natives to be charged for setting logs on fire (12 October 2005)

Ibans held for alledgely torching logs (11 October 2005)

Graves bulldozed to ‘destroy’ NCR proof (4 October 2005)

RM200 mil govt loan for troubled Bakun dam (26 September 2005)

Samling, MTCC and Wildlife Conservation Society - Respecting law? (23 September 2005)

Stop “Certified” Logging/Sarawak, Malaysia (25 August 2005)

Lun Bawangs cry foul over lease on NCR land (9 August 2005)

Plight of Sarawak Penans getting worse (30 July 2005)

Logging reaches Sarawak’s ‘last frontier’ (28 July 2005)

Penans want hunting ground excluded from national park (27 July 2005)

Longhouse folks see red over logging (18 July 2005)

Bittersweet victory for state in Iban land case (11 July 2005)

Court overturns decision on NCR land made in 2001 (9 July 2005)

Another victory for native land rights (6 July 2005)

Minister says NCR land is state land, lawyer disagrees (19 June 2005)

Land unsurveyed or without title belongs to government (17 June 2005)

Sarawak govt handling NCR issues the wrong way (17 June 2005)

Regressive to reverse landmark ruling, court told (14 June 2005)

S’wak leaders take swipe at NCR lobby (13 June 2005)

Landmark judgment challenged in Court of Appeal (13 june 2005)

Landmark Orang Asli land rights case to be heard in Court of Appeal (13 June 2005)

Sarawak to activate Native Court of Appeal (10 June 2005)

Work on Bakun dam a year behind schedule (8 June 2005)

S’wak govt appeals compensation for Kedayan villagers (8 June 2005)

An evening with the Ibans (28 May 2005)

S'wak govt ordered to compensate Kedayan villagers (13 May 2005)

Malaysian NGOs engage MTCC on key issues (13 May 2005)

Penan appeal to Minister against MTCC certification (12 may 2005)

Menteri Perhutanan Indonesia tuduh M’sia, China enggan kerjasama (9 May 2005)

Gathering on NCR land: Natives pledge to fight on (5 may 2005)

BMF Report of Samling FMU at Sela'an-Linau Forest Management Unit (3 May 2005)

Map of Selected Traditional Penan Territories Affected by the Samling Sela'an-Linau Forest Management Unit (3 May 2005)

Satellite Image of Samling's Sela'an-Linau Forest Management Unit (3 May 2005)

Slow court process gives native landowners the jitters (30 April 2005)

Lundu Dayaks, backed by Suhakam, fight for their land (23 April 2005)

Frustrated S'wak natives to meet on land rights (19 April 2005)

Partial victory claimed in dispute over native land (4 April 2005)

Independent body needed to look into native land matters (31 March 2005)

S’wak govt told to get moving on land survey (29 March 2005)

Suhakam to organise meeting on NCL rights (19 March 2005)

Forest Exploitation Threatens Orang Asli's Livelihood (10 March 2005)

Rimbunan Hijau denies involvement in illegal logging in Indonesia (9 March 2005)

Dayak’s misery: Snap asks Pak Lah to intervene (7 March 2005)

Name the Dayaks given timber concessions, Taib told (5 March 2005)

Citigroup commended for enforcing environmental policy (3 March 2005)

NCR land encroachment: Iban chiefs complain to Suhakam (26 February 2005)

Still labourers, not landowners after 35 years (22 February 2005)

Group supports Penan protest against timber cert (19 February 2005)

Indigenous peoples want bigger share of economic pie (14 February 2005)

Rio Tinto keen on smelter project (14 February 2005)

Penan protest against Malaysian timber certification (7 February 2005)

Protecting Indigenous Peoples' Rights and Certifying the oil palm plantation business (7 February 2005)

Congress of Bumiputera minorities to be held Monday (5 February 2005)