2002 News Archive

Confusion in Bareh and Magoh Forest allocated for Penan encorached by loggers (16 December 2002)

Fundamental questions on Bakun construction (5 October 2002)

Do not use aluminium smeling plant to justify Bakun (5 October 2002)

Penan Representatives Meet Sarawak State Planning Unit (30 September 2002)

Daiken Should Consider the Rights of the Locals (27 September 2002)

Iban and Bidayuh communities suing oil palm company for encroachment of NCR (16 September 2002)

Keeping our forests alive for our use (5 September 2002)

Sarawak indigenous group bags UN award, cash prize (5 September 2002)

Open letter to the M’sian and S’wak state governments (5 September 2002)

Indigenous peoples’ position on sustainable development (4 September 2002)

For a voice the Orang Asli can call their own (31 August 2002)

Company bankrupt, Sarawak's mega-paper mill in trouble (26 August 2002)

Sime Darby-led consortium gets Bakun dam project (23 August 2002)

The Penan plea for help (5 August 2002)

Give indigenous groups a say (26 July 2002)

Natives Protest against logging and forest plantation development on NCR lands (25 July 2002)

Indigenous-to-Indigenous Concept on Human Rights Training (20 July 2002)

Natives fail to get injunction against loggers (5 July 2002)

International support for boycott of Malaysian Timber Certification (4 July 2002)

International support for boycott of Malaysian Timber Certification (4 July 2002)

Ibans from 4 longhouses in Balingian apply for injunction against logging companies (3 July 2002)

The Malaysian government is stealing the traditional knowledge of indigenous people for huge profits

Penan area representatives graded the Government F in report card exercise (29 June 2002)

‘Improve our lives’: Penan demand state gov’t to stop destruction of forest (27 June 2002)

Forum: green summit to face uphill battle (13 June 2002)

M'sia to ban imports of Indonesian logs (12 June 2002)

Malaysian PM sent note on indigenous rights during Switzerland visit (10 June 2002)

Baram's Penan Community - Hungry, Poor And Sick (May 2002)

"Set Aside Some Forest for Us" (May 2002)

Press Promises and History Lessons (May 2002)

Update on Medihit and Pengaran Iman Blockades (21 May 2002)

Samling claims logging concession payment for PNG road project (21 May 2002)

Penan Blockades Update (19 May 2002)

PNG premier condemns logging project, court hearing today (18 May 2002)

Suhakam taken to task for ‘late’ report to Parliament (15 May 2002)

Belaga rep links lack of info to Bakun fears (13 May 2002)

Residents return home as fears over Bakun disaster subside (13 May 2002)

Greenpeace stops shipment of ‘illegally logged’ PNG timber (13 May 2002)

After nine years, Sarawak activist gets back passport (13 May 2002)

Bakun Hydro Coffer Dam in Great Danger of collapsing (10 May 2002)

Malaysian timber consortium accused of illegal logging in PNG (9 May 2002)

New 'White Rajah' rumoured in rainforest following new blockades (29 April 2002)

NCR land owners protest against logging and sand mining (24 April 2002)

Not abduction claim (18 April 2002)

32 longhouse folks held over abduction (18 April 2002)

Borneo native group scores land claim victory (17 April 2002)

Six Japanese arrested for orchid theft in Mulu Park (17 April 2002)

Curb illegal harvesting of bird’s nests, urges NGO (16 April 2002)

7 Orang Asli win suit against gov't, ruled owners of customary land (12 April 2002)

Suhakam rapped for not defending freedom of religion, native rights (8 April 2002)

Penan NCR lands encroached by logging firm again (21 March 2002)

Iban community in Sungai Bawan files for injunction against 2 logging companies (26 February 2002)

3 longhouse residents suing police for abuse of power (20 February 2002)

Suhakam to act as intermediary on land issues (19 February 2002)

Court dismisses case against 30 longhouse residents to sign bond to keep the peace (6 February 2002)

When courts can't do their bit for the environs (27 January 2002)