2007 News Archive

Penan leader Kelesau reported missing (18 December 2007)

Penan in battle for survival (16 December 2007)

Tribes fight loggers to save Malaysian rainforests, but some natives welcome timber money (15 December 2007)

Natives: Are we the problem, Mr Minister? (23 November 2005)

Iban landowners and oil-palm growers sue Sarawak government (20 November 2007)

Law suit: Bid by Taib to strike out points (19 November 2007)

Ban export of NCR logs call and Activists barred (16 November 2007)

Iban to file injunction against logging firm (14 November 2007)

Native group seeks help to stop logging giant (10 November 2007)

Iban headman locked up for a night (over oil palm dispute) (9 November 2007)

Sarawak moots resettlement plan for Penans (7 November 2007)

An Orang Asli's view of city life (31 October 2007)

Federal Court Judgement on Madeli Salleh vs Government on NCR (30 October 2007)

Guyana's Head of State condemns Samling (24 October 2007)

Samling's Guyana logging fined (23 October 2007)

Timber kickbacks scandal: Stand-off in Sarawak ports (23 October 2007)

Federal Court's NCR decision lauded (16 October 2007)

Penans being manipulated by NGOs in EIA process? (16 October 2007)

Viability of Bakun Dam project threatened (11 October 2007)

No, not another two dams in Sarawak (10 October 2007)

Iban villagers freed, no charges filed (9 October 2007)

Iban village chiefs remanded three more days (6 Oct 2007)

Fatal shooting of villager in GOF ops (5 October 2007)

Arson: 80-year-old chief, five others remanded (3 Oct 2007)

Four-prong strategy for land rights (1 Oct 2007)

Blockade, thugs and a well-connected company (1 Oct 2007)

The Penan - By BBC's Bruce Parry (28 September 2007)

Gov't to step up laws on illegal logging (19 September 2007)

Primary forest for water pipe - Offer from Samling To Penan (18 September 2007)

44 years later, Dayaks still feel marginalised (17 September 2007)

'The people are central' march at Merdeka Square (15 September 2007)

Activists protest entry ban by Sarawak (14 September 2007)

Kaji masalah pemilikan tanah Orang Asli (14 September 2007)

MTCC issue ultimatum to Samling on Penan blockade (11 September 2007)

Timber kickbacks: The Shea connection (11 September 2007)

Timber blockades to protect the 'last frontier' (28 August 2007)

SAM's Press Release
Latest update: Penan blockades in Middle and Upper Baram in Sarawak struggle to continue (27 August 2007)

Suaram director denied entry into Sarawak (24 August 2007)

Suhakam probes plight of Ibans in Bintulu (23 August 2007)

Iban farmers fight eviction from NCR land (15 August 2007)

The Dam that Wouldn’t Die (15 August 2007)

Logging firm: We're doing our best to help Penans (14 August 2007)

Marginalised Penans fighting for survival (13 August 2007)

Worries over Sarawak’s smelter plant project (10 August 2007)

Taib’s law suit: Regent Star seeks deregistration (27 July 2007)

Suhakam Finds Seven Areas To Improve Life Of Penans (26 July 2007)

Rainforests World Music drowns sounds of chainsaws & tractors in Sarawak (14 July 2007)

Precarious future of Borneo tribe (14 July 2007)

New doubts over Malaysia's Bakun Dam (10 July 2007)

Come again, Minister? No forests cleared in last 10 years? (7 July 2007)

Penan sue Samling and Sarawak Government to regain Land Rights (5 July 2007)

Taib’s defamation suit: PKR duo file defence (22 June 2007)

SAM Calls for Transparency and Accountability in Sarawak (21 June 2007)

Summons served on land-rights lawyer and party leader (31 May 2007)

Leading Sarawak land rights lawyer sued by Chief Minister for distributing leaflets (22 May 2007)

U.N. panel: Indigenous people in RI, Malaysia threatened by massive clearing of land (16 May 2007)

Dutch acceptance of MTCC certified timber in doubt (16 May 2007)

Demo over RM 32million corruption scandal fall through (14 May 2007)

Timber kickbacks scandal: Taib's 10-page clarification (14 May 2007)

BRIMAS refutes Miri Resident's allegations (9 May 2007)

WWF rethinks support of Samling certification in Guyana (4 May 2007)

Third road block by Iban landowners (30 April 2007)

Japanese NGOs urge Malaysian PM to investigate Taib for corruption (27 April 2007)

Tribes Effectively Barred From Making High-Tech Maps (26 April 2007)

PKR reply to Taib - We are ready for you (21 April 2007)

Sarawak CM to sue opposition party in alleged link to timber kickback payments (21 April 2007)

Legal lion offers to defend website (20 April 2007)

Anwar: Dayaks lead lives of quiet desperation (20 April 2007)

Native Laws and Rights according to Sarawak Attorney General (17 April 2007)

Communities “unwelcome” Japanese tree-planters in Mount Apeng (16 April 2007)

Five Penan blockades face breakup (16 April 2007)

Kuching shoppers get news of scandal (11 April 2007)

Classic Japanese officialdom use innocents to cover up roles in Rainforests destruction (10 April 2007)

Rural Sarawak folks without flying doctors service (7 April 2007)

RM32 mil kickbacks for Sarawak timber (6 April 2007)

HSBC irks fund managers over Samling support (4 April 2007)

Rainforest communities campaign against Malaysian Samling Group (3 April 2007)

Enforcement Officers from the Land & Survey Department Bintulu Demolishing Houses Again (3 April 2007)

SAM: Timber council’s priorities questionable (2 April 2007)

Timber council says indigenous groups back logging (17 March 2007)

Penans tell Suhakam: Blockade will continue (16 March 2007)

Penan re-erect road block against Samling corporation (15 March 2007)

Penans Statement to the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) (14 March 2007)

NGOs ask investors and banks to shun Malaysian logging giant (8 March 2007)

HSBC: world’s local bank raises money for global forest destruction (5 March 2007)

Manser family shocked by Credit Suisse involvement in million-dollar deal with Malaysian loggers (16 February 2007)

Swiss bank involved in Malaysian logging giant’s stock exchange listing (15 February 2007)

PNG Eco-Forestry Forum Open Letter to Malaysian PM (14 February 2007)

Malaysian police clear Penan blockade for "certified" logging (12 February 2007)

Sarawak natives win court case against police over oil palm protest (2 February 2007)

JOANGOHutan engage MTCC again (30 January 2007)

Determined Penan track to meet EU Delegation (27 January 2007)

Forest Stewardship Council suspends Samling certification (22 January 2007)

Undersea cables: Avoid another toll saga (22 January 2007)

Bakun project to be completed by 2012 (22 January 2007)

Appeal for Emergency Fund to aid Rh Nyawin (19 January 2007)

Visit Malaysia year 2007: EU Timber Delegation on guided tour of timber destruction (17 January 2007)

Penan forced to put problems on hold (17 January 2007)

Illegal timber trade: 'Engage stakeholders' (16 January 2007)

SAM: 'Submarine' cables pose many risks (15 January 2007)

Longhouse demolition leaves 120 homeless (4 January 2007)