2001 News Archive

No evidence to show Swiss environmentalist dead: police (19 December 2001)

Suhakam meets Sarawak officials on native rights (15 December 2001)

Terms of Apprehension

Food anti-patent pact hailed despite weaknesses (28 November 2001)

Bidayuh first to step forward (21 November 2001)

Register of Traditional Knowledge set up for common platform (21 November 2001)

Logging bans in Asia prove ineffective (18 November 2001)

Rimbunan Hijau logging in Russia sparks eco-fears (16 November 2001)

Rimbunan Hijau and other loggers urged to be more ‘responsible’ (15 November 2001)

Suhakam to meet Sarawak gov’t on native rights (7 November 2001)

Sarawak sole opposition slams bill which ‘criminalises’ natives (3 November 2001)

New law will make community mapping illegal (31 October 2001)

Land Surveyors Bill, 2001 (31 October 2001)

UB Penan freed without charge (27 October 2001)

UB Penan arrested for alleged tractors burning (10 October 2001)

Communities and NGOs reaffirm protest against Timber Certification (1 October 2001)

Logging continues to endanger UB Penan lives (25 September 2001)

UB Penan hand memorandum to Deputy Prime Minister and Suhakam (25 September 2001)

12-years jail for defending NCR lands (24 September 2001)

Land for Cronies (23 September 2001)

Pelugau Ibans Wrongly Arrested (19 September)

Natives set up blockade, 3 arrested and detained for a night (13 September 2001)

Court dismissed plantation company's application to strike out native's NCR claims (5 September 2001)

James Masing missed the entire point (24 August 2001)

Repeated complaints from Bakun folks (24 August 2001)

NCR claimants to know fate Aug 30 (16 August 2001)

Five to answer murder charge while six acquitted in Ulu Niah case (14 August 2001)

Bio-pirates raid trees in the swamps of Borneo (2 August 2001)

Historic victory for Sarawak natives

Who's who

Judge defines longhouse territorial domain

Rights were exercised by the Plaintiffs

Judge: Iban NCR have "survived"

Court highlights natives' view on "development"

The Bakun boo boo - Facts and fallacies

Big money for big boys

Coffer dam for the coffer

Miri High Court ordered BPP's Suit and injunction granted against natives to remove blockades to be stayed (31 July 2001)

4 natives arrested for protest (27 July 2001)

10 Iban communities protesting against oil palm company (25 July 2001)

More Penans join blockade as Suhakam cancels visit (24 July 2001)

Doubts raised on whether anti-AIDs drug from Sarawak will ever be developed by Malaysia (20 July 2001)

Bakun displaced families claim compensation stalled (5 July 2001)

Bakun dam natives hand over memo to DPM (3 July 2001)

Environmentalists press PM to rethink dam building (30 June 2001)

Dam project akin to raping a child, says activist (30 June 2001)

Suhakam and the Indigenous Peoples Question (22 June 2001)

Community Consultations on timber certification in Malaysia (16 June 2001)

Bioprospecting - From the jungle to the clinic (14 June 2001)

Sarawak gov't to appeal land rights decision (18 May 2001)

Trying to fix up some Dirty Dayak Deals for Taib (14 May 2001)

Natives jubilant over court decision affirming land rights (14 May 2001)

Lands and Surveys to appeal against High Court decision (14 May 2001)

4 win civil suit against BPP (13 May 2001)

Native customary rights land in Sarawak survives (12 May 2001)

Landmark judgement rules in favour of S'wak natives (12 May 2001)

Bakun dam - powering up to uncertainty (12 May 2001)

Suhakam report outlines govt's human rights flaws (19 April 2001)

Commission's four-point plan for better human rights (19 April 2001)

Penan blockage lifted (6 April 2001)

Eight released after 18 months in prison (6 April 2001)

Kanowit NCR landowners turned down oil palm plantation's offer (6 April 2001)

Malaysia Government should respond to the Report of World Commission on Dams (6 April 2001)

Setback for Borneo Pulp and Paper Mill (6 April 2001)

Indonesia - The pulp and paper sector's unsustainable growth

The true responsible for the 'Penan problem' in Sarawak

Penan letter on Bruno Manser, missing in Sarawak

Malaysia - feisty flyweight or filthy fighter? (15 March 2001)

Group: New EIA a must for Bakun dam project (8 March 2001)

Bakun dam: Nasty shock in store for consumers (7 March 2001)

Indigenous communities fight bio-piracy (6 March 2001)

Illegal logs seized while forest depletion continues (5 March 2001)

Bakun: Billion ringgit political fantasy fancy (3 March 2001)

Bakun dam unnecessary, says activist (2 March 2001)

Revived Bakun dam will not benefit local community (1 March 2001)

Charges on eight accused persons withdrawn (27 February 2001)

Stop this stealing. NGOs urge action on biopiracy (26 February 2001)

Long Sayan/Long Belok Blockade lifted (1 February 2001)

Swiss Activist Bruno Manser Missing In Borneo (1 February 2001)

Outcry over proposed revival of Bakun (22 January 2001)

How we can make durians disappear - forever (20 January 2001)

Bakun: Jangan bazir RM20 billion (18 January 2001)

Watery problem for Bakun power (16 January 2001)

Sarawak deports Malaysian activist (13 January 2001)

Penans protest against logging in Upper Baram (12 January 2001)

Customary land trespassed since 1998, landowners annoyed (11 January 2001)

Bakun Highway - a price for development (10 January 2001)

BPP ignores natives' blockades, start works (10 January 2001)

BPP applying for injunction against natives (3 January 2001)