2010 News Archive

Double ‘green energy’ threat to Borneo tribes’ rainforest (8 December 2010)

Blacklisted illegal-logging tycoon involved in running Malaysian World Heritage Site (7 December 2010)

Corruption And Abuse of Power – Irrefutable Evidence Against Taib. Exclusive! (5 December 2010)

Biggest dividend payout by SALCRA (5 December 2010)

Deepening Scandal - Taib's land grabs exposed! (3 December 2010)

Senseless Arrests Reign In Sarawak - SAM Press Release (3 December 2010)

State govt to meet PM to finalise Bakun purchase (3 December 2010)

Baru Bian disappointed on Wee's response over native children's status (2 December 2010)

State Cabinet to discuss White Paper — Dr Chan (2 December 2010)

Indigenous Communities Need To Be Consulted On Development Projects In Their Area (2 December 2010)

The pineapple farmer and the tsunami — June Rubis (1 December 2010)

Illegal Logging: Fine Doubled To RM1 Million, Plus 5 Years' Imprisonment (1 December 2010)

Native kids being classified as 'Melayu' (30 November 2010)

Search your conscience, pressure group tells Taib (30 November 2010)

Speak up, native language champions urged (30 November 2010)

Sarawak to double oil palm plantation area (30 November 2010)

Only seven families receive ‘wang ehsan’ – Headman (27 November 2010)

Baru Bian pays a visit to MACC Kuching (26 November 2010)

Taib Share Shock ! – Exclusive (25 November 2010)

No free houses, land for those affected by Bakun dam (25 November 2010)

The sorry fate of Sarawak’s rivers (24 November 2010)

Minority languages at stake (24 November 2010)

Penan community’s ancestral land destroyed (23 November 2010)

List of Bujang Berani honored at celebrations in Sebangan celebrations (23 November 2010)

Berawan appeal for help to stop robbery of their ancestral land (22 November 2010)

Blocking Taib’s “Get Rich Quick” land scheme (22 November 2010)

Gawai Bujang Berani 2010 pictures (22 November 2010)

Bujang Berani celebrations, an onsite report from Nicholas Mujah of SADIA (20 November 2010)

‘The Gods not to blame for disaster’ (20 November 2010)

Radio Free Sarawak gets seal of approval from BN minister James Masing (19 November 2010)

Logging companies told to follow procedures (18 November 2010)

Radio Free Sarawak (15 November 2010)

[BPAC Media Release] Baram people are vehemently against the proposed mega Baram HEP Dam (14 November 2010)

Seven natives held in battle with govt, Petronas (13 November 2010)

‘Raise Rajang River water level’ (12 November 2010)

Some depts unaware Malaysia is signatory to UN indigenous people declaration (11 November 2010)

Malaysia: Videos Of Sabah Sarawak Gas Pipeline Blockade By Orang Ulus (7 November 2010)

Logging paper-trail leads to Taib’s family (4 November 2010)

Lawyers want S'wak to remove entry ban on Suhakam official (4 November 2010)

Loading Out of Disputed Logs at Selabu, Sebangan (4 November 2010)

The Curious Incident of The Would Be Arsonist in Simunjan (3 November 2010)

Sibu Ibans to take errant planter to court (2 November 2010)

Ibans to invoke spirits against 'irresponsible' loggers (2 November 2010)

Sarawak land issues: Sticking out like a sore thumb (2 November 2010)

Ibans sue Raziah Mahmud's logging company (1 November 2010)

Sarawak natives cry foul over plantation on NCR land (1 November 2010)

Lift entry ban on Suhakam's Jannie, association urges S'wak govt (1 November 2010)

Petrified Baram natives want ‘dam plan’ scrapped (29 October 2010)

Penan seek outside help (29 October 2010)

Land and Survey Dept to review claim by villagers (29 October 2010)

The mighty Rajang River not so mighty after all (29 October 2010)

Iban logging protestors defy Taib’s family (28 October 2010)

Govt ignores Penan's choice of resettlement land (28 October 2010)

Mighty Rajang running dangerously low (28 October 2010)

Kuching MP simmers over timber camp fire arrests (27 October 2010)

Logjam exposes Sarawak’s unscrupulous logging (26 October 2010)

200 NCR landowners demand to be detained (23 October 2010)

Raziah – Protesters Jailed! (23 October 2010)

TPAC revises judgement on MTCS (23 October 2010)

JOAS condemns arrest of member and demands release (22 October 2010)

Forestry: an unnatural disaster in Sarawak (22 October 2010)

Len’s statements on logjam said to be misleading (22 October 2010)

Seven Ibans detained by police for allegedly causing mischief (22 October 2010)

7 Ibans detained by police for allegedly causing mischief to timber company (22 October 2010)

Logjam disaster: Blame it on the rain, not the loggers (21 October 2010)

Machinery and quarters burnt down (20 October 2010)

Rajang Logjam A Natural Disaster, Says Sarawak Forestry (20 October 2010)

Bidayuhs won’t buckle in battle for their forest (19 October 2010)

Tasmanian govt on mission to Sarawak (19 October 2010)

Rajang River is drying up (19 October 2010)

Seven-month flooding of the 205m-deep Bakun reservoir begins (19 October 2010)

Ibans block tongkang from loading 'stolen' logs (18 October 2010)

Bian offers free legal service to logjam victims (14 October 2010)

‘Logjam a man-made disaster’ (14 October 2010)

Don't lose your unique identity, natives told (14 October 2010)

They’re friends of the Penan (14 October 2010)

NCR land dispute: 'Intelligence report' for PM (13 October 2010)

Tuai Rumahs sack (13 October 2010)

SCANE condemns governments for allowing water impoundment for Bakun dam (13 October 2010)

TAHABAS slams Dr Rundi for discouraging natives for taking their NCR land disputes to court (13 October 2010)

Sarawak’s Demokorupsi (13 October 2010)

30-Mile Logjam on Malaysian River Hints at Forest Crimes (12 October 2010)

Visit by the Malaysian Ministry of Defense Intelligence Officers To Logging Site at Ulu Sebangan on 07 October 2010 (12 October 2010)

Ecological havoc: State govt panned (12 October 2010)

Hall of shame for Sarawak timber giant (12 October 2010)

A short-lived joy in Baram, Sarawak (11 October 2010)

Malaysia’s million dollar question — where did the logs come from? (11 October 2010)

Bakun Dam ‘is an economic rip-off’ (11 October 2010)

50km logjam on the Rajang river (9 October 2010)

Log-jammed river disaster unfolding in Sarawak – Now in Sibu ! (8 October 2010)

Taib’s massive headache….. He deserves it! (8 October 2010)

Malaysia log-jam threatens disaster in Sarawak (8 October 2010)

Rajang River Still Innavigable Due to Massive Floating Debris (8 October 2010)

Stop water impoundment prior to the Emergency Rescue Plan (ERP) for Bakun Dam make available to public (8 October 2010)

River disaster hits Sarawak (8 October 2010)

Declaration of Temaca: Endorsed by delegates and participants of The 3rd International Meeting of Dam Affected People and their Allies (7 October 2010)

What a statement from a Minister! (1 October 2010)

IOI Displacing People to Plant Oil Palm (1 October 2010)

Native folk protest against Baram Dam in Borneo (30 September 2010)

Naroden the biggest taker of NCR land (30 September 2010)

TAHABAS have evidence that the State Government took away NCR of natives (30 September 2010)

A westerner who defends Taib's dams (30 September 2010)

Penan rapes: Complaint to UN rapporteur (22 September 2010)

Fighting for life, a long way from home (22 September 2010)

Sime Darby finds foul play in energy projects (21 September 2010)

BMF Release: Samling keeps mum about its ties with Malaysian top politician (20 September 2010)

Solid Success – Bakun Delivers on Requirements (20 September 2010)

Len: Allegations against Samling unfounded (19 September 2010)

Penan power and a press conference that wasn't (18 September 2010)

Sorrowful tale of Bakun evictees (17 September 2010)

'Penan rape' circular: Samling denies allegations (16 September 2010)

SAM: Norwegian Pension Fund’s Divestment of Samling Global Limited An Embarrassment to Malaysian Corporate Ethics (15 September 2010)

Court hands victory to longhouse folk [video] (14 September 2010)

BMF Media Release: Leaked Samling document acknowledges timber group's role in sexual exploitation of Penan women (14 September 2010)

Paying only lip service to NCR land issue (13 September 2010)

Bakun Dam may turn into a 'white elephant' (13 September 2010)

Cartoon book satirising 'development' launched (13 September 2010)

Dayaks do not trust BN over NCR land? (11 September 2010)

Lihan insists Baram dam a gift for Orang Ulu (10 September 2010)

China paper mill group plans RM3.3bil deal in Sarawak (10 September 2010)

Penans snub local reps, want appointment with CM (8 September 2010)

Penan villagers re-stage symbolic blockades to reinstate their demands (6 September 2010)

Blatant disregard for native customary rights (6 September 2010)

BMF Media Release: Samling owners linked to ‘epicenter’ of sub-prime crash (4 September 2010)

Report: Destruction of Sebangan & Sebuyau rainforests due to logging activities (2 September 2010)

‘1Dayak’ – defending the land? (31 August 2010)

BMF Media Release: Samling threatens Penan with retaliations over rape allegations (30 August 2010)

World Bank palm oil strategy is reckless, say NGOs (30 August 2010)

NCR land surveys: S’wak minister gets ticking off (27 August 2010)

Borneo’s Husband-and-Wife Mountain Gods Look Down on Illegal Logging (26 August 2010)

New blockades in Sarawak against pipeline threat (25 August 2010)

Seeing REDD in climate tool (25 August 2010)

Suhakam initiates inquiry on indigenous land rights (24 August 2010)

Malaysia activists hail Norway's blacklisting of timber firm (24 August 2010)

Lawless Lawas highlights rural voters’ anger (23 August 2010)

Norwegian government declares Malaysian timber giant an unethical company (23 August 2010)

Jungle campaign nightmare for the opposition (23 August 2010)

Trial of Ibans from Rumah Ranggong started at Kuching High Court (20 August 2010)

Penan tribe demand a say in dam project (20 August 2010)

Scandal of Sarawak’s Budget Black Hole (19 August 2010)

Penan Long Luar Longhouse gutted in mid-night fire (17 August 2010)

Yes Taib, Please tell us: Why are there still poor Sarawakians? (15 August 2010)

DAP: Stop the dam constructions (12 August 2010)

Bakun compensation: Dispute delaying payments (11 August 2010)

Penan case: NGO says cops 'shooting the messenger' (11 August 2010)

JOAS Statement on Purported Forest Carbon Deal in Sarawak Involving Indigenous Peoples (10 August 2010)

Penan community wants to scrutinize the Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) Report for Murum dam project prior to approval (4 August 2010)

Prominent Orang Ulu human rights and indigenous land rights lawyer stopped and quizzed by authorities (2 August 2010)

Masing ‘the good storyteller’ fails to defend indefensible Taib (31 July 2010)

Police urged to earn Penans’ trust (31 July 2010)

Govt urged to keep act immediately on Penan issues (30 July 2010)

Possible info blackout on disease in Sarawak (29 July 2010)

S'wak ready to engage NGOs on Penan issues (28 July 2010)

No red carpet for Sarawak CM at Oxford (27 July 2010)

Taib dodges UK protesters (27 July 2010)

NCR land to be surveyed (26 July 2010)

Logging woes: Ibans seek supernatural help (25 July 2010)

Sebangan and Sebuyau Iban hold miring to protect their territory (24 July 2010)

Wife of dead native hero finally sees justice (21 July 2010)

After 13 years, an indigenous woman wins justice for her dead husband (20 July 2010)

Corporatising JHEOA: Its impact on indigenous rights (20 July 2010)

Report reveals rape of tribeswomen by loggers (20 July 2010)

PNG Judge slams Rimbunan Hijau for harassing local daily (19 July 2010)

Penan woman gives birth following alleged rape (16 July 2010)

Timber companies polluting natives' vital water source (15 July 2010)

Violence against Penan: How the government ignores indigenous rights (13 July 2010)

The Broken Sheild: Krokong Declaration (13 July 2010)

Growing Scandal – The London Connection! (11 July 2010)

Unhealthy Baram River posing serious health problems (10 July 2010)

Borneo natives demand justice, respect (9 July 2010)

Verdant Borneo losing out heavily to deforestation (7 July 2010)

Taib's billions: Sarawak dailies gagged (4 July 2010)

Longhouse hit by health problems (3 July 2010)

Iban demonstrate outside District Office, Sebuyau to protect communal forest, home for orangutan,proboscis monkeys and hornbills (2 July 2010)

Sakti/Sakto – Another Taib Exclusive (1 July 2010)

Penans erect blockades in fight for rights (28 June 2010)

Police accused of defending Taib family's interests (23 June 2010)

Timber company official assaults Penans at blockade (22 June 2010)

Penan hunter violently attacked as communities set up road blockade to protect their rainforests (21 June 2010)

COMMENT: 10MP offers nothing to the rural people (20 June 2010)

State agency ignores natives to issue new logging licence (17 June 2010)

What is an NCR land? (17 June 2010)

Exclusive – Taibs’ Foreign Property Portfolio (15 June 2010)

Swiss retailer lodges complaint against Malaysian palm oil group (15 June 2010)

Orang Asal Expert is a New Member of SUHAKAM (12 June 2010)

Pakar Orang Asal menjadi ahli baru SUHAKAM (12 June 2010)

Migros' Opinion on the Publication - IOI, RSPO and Palm Oil Incident (27 May 2010)

Sagong Tasi land rights case conclusion - Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government Statement (26 May 2010)

Orang asli community to get RM6.5mil settlement (26 May 2010)

Sarawak natives fear threat of palm oil estates (23 May 2010)

Union decries low wages in plantations (20 May 2010)

Sime Darby debacle: Share the blame, says Dr M (20 May 2010)

Residents affected by Baram Dam want to study EIA and SEIA reports before it is approved (19 May 2010)

Sime Darby probes Bakun Dam losses (6 May 2010)

Palm oil groups form coalition against critics (5 May 2010)

7,000 MyKads still not collected - Jelaing (4 May 2010)

Life after Bakun (1 May 2010)

Documentary film on Penans clarified (30 April 2010)

Illegal logging linked to political funding by timber companies (30 April 2010)

BREAKING NEWS: Penan score victory over Borneo loggers (26 April 2010)

Penusah Tana (The Forgotten Struggle) aired in UK (26 April 2010)

Baram Residents Action Committee letter to NREB (23 April 2010)

JOANGOHutan letter to the City of Hamburg with regards to the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS) (19 April 2010)

Another stand-off against logging giant (19 April 2010)

The Malaysia-EU negotiations on the VPA –FLEGT are still far from delivering commitments in full respect of peoples’ rights and protection of Malaysian rainforest (15 April 2010)

Suhakam: Govt root cause of land disputes in Sarawak (14 April 2010)

Dayaks battle against gangsters and spin doctors (14 April 2010)

Sarawak MP thinks Penan rape survivors’ suffering is a “perception” (13 April 2010)

Bidayuh villagers cry foul over land deal (11 April 2010)

Failed projects: Baru calls for probe (11 April 2010)

How Sarawakians responded to Najib’s People First Performance Now”? (8 April 2010)

Survey all NCR lands, NGO urges government (7 April 2010)

Penan set up new blockades to prevent primeval forest being logged by Samling (6 April 2010)

Gangsters running the show in logging conflict with the natives (5 April 2010)

Masing new chairman of NCR Land task force (3 April 2010)

How Ketuanan Melayu has dispossessed the Orang Asli (2 April 2010)

Another victory for the natives of Sarawak (31 March 2010)

S'wak NGOs reticent over new Taib appointee (29 March 2010)

Sarawak shakers (27 March 2010)

Why the political tsunami never reached Sarawak (16 March 2010)

Safeguarding NCR land (14 March 2010)

Company tried to block attempt to fight bushfires (11 March 2010)

Rosmah: Will she? Won’t she? (10 March 2010)

BN media spins of hope for Baram and other rural communities (9 March 2010)

Why are they scared of the truth? (8 March 2010)

Should the contractors be blamed? (3 March 2010)

Rosmah, PM’s wife, faces questions on Penan rapes (1 March 2010)

How Taib survived the 1987 elections... (24 February 2010)

Borneo dams chief under media scrutiny (24 February 2010)

NCR land: Strike 3 against S'wak gov't, allies (24 February 2010)

Time for Sarawak natives to bring out the tiger in them? (24 February 2010)

Another Victory for the Sarawak NCR Landowners (23 February 2010)

Sarawak gets first crack at Bakun power (12 February 2010)

Chan allays concerns over Bakun power for peninsula (12 February 2010)

Natives are not only NCR landowners, they are part of the land (12 February 2010)

Sarawak smelters raise uncertainty on Bakun cable project (11 February 2010)

Orang Asal representative got kicked out from participating a public forum (11 February 2010)

Sarawak gov’t credibility strained over NCR policies (11 February 2010)

Define native customary lands (10 February 2010)

US$1b JV smelter for Sarawak (10 February 2010)

Power transmission to cater for smelter project (5 February 2010)

Sarawak Government: The High Court is Wrong (4 February 2010)

Expert: Batu Niah tremor may be linked to Bakun dam (3 February 2010)

Penan feature in Eden Project oil palm exhibit (1 February 2010)

Natives refuse to end blockade (30 January 2010)

Dr. Stephen Rundi himself is confused on the definition of NCR (29 January 2010)

Penan to get MyKad at last (29 January 2010)

Judgment of Agi Anak Bungkong & 2 ors v Ladang Sawit Bintulu Sdn. Bhd. & 4 ors (29 January 2010)

Judgment of Mohamad Rambli bin Kawi v Superintendent of Land and Surveys, Kuching and ors (29 January 2010)

NGOs upset with EU’s stand on disputed timber (27 January 2010)

Nor Nyawai granted temporarily injunction against demolition by court (26 January 2010)

Statement By Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) on the recent demolition of the houses at Rumah Nor, Sungai Sekabai (23 January 2010)

Rh. Nor Nyawai to sue state govt, land survey, company after demolition (22 January 2010)

Sarawak gov't humbled by Iban villagers (22 January 2010)

Victory for the NCR landowners (21 January 2010)

Malaysian authorities destroy Borneo rainforest village (20 January 2010)

Coal projects come under fire in Sarawak (14 January 2010)

Malaysia and China sign US$ 11 bn power deal that involves the displacement of 608,000 Borneo natives (13 January 2010)

Sarawak govt says coal is ‘renewable’ energy (13 January 2010)

Sarawak Energy: Norwegian CEO assumes responsibility for controversial mega-dams (5 January 2010)

Dams for the future, damn the past (4 January 2010)

Legitimising loggers and demonising NGOs (4 January 2010)

ROS slammed for misplaced priorities (2 January 2010)