2003 News Archive

Top tycoon may fail to gain control of Bakun dam project (17 November 2003)

SAM: Don't sink EPF money into Bakun project (28 October 2003)

Lecturers: Iban not reaping NEP benefits (24 September 2003)

Dr M, take your logging companies home with you: PNG groups (25 October 2003)

Govt to protest call for EU to ban Mísian timber products (18 October 2003)

Indonesia urges EU to reject some M'sia timber products (15 October 2003)

Community wants plantation company to stop its activities on NCR land, urge Government to demarcate their territory (3 October 2003)

Penans warned not to block logging activities (2 October 2003)

Widow tells husband was shot in head (1 October 2003)

Hearing of civil suit filed by widow commences (1 October 2003)

Court hears suit against police, govt (30 September 2003)

Logging company threatens the Penan in Pa Tik village (26 September 2003)

Governments to repeal all repressive laws (11 September 2003)

Malaysian activist barred from entering Sarawak (19 August 2003)

Sarawak natives form network to struggle for land and human rights (9 August 2003)

SAM unruffled by deputy CM’s charge (5 August 2003)

Sarawak DAP: SAM snubbed us on fight for native land rights (4 August 2003)

Baram folks see SAM as a ‘friend in need’ (2 August 2003)

Five Blockades by Penan Groups up from May to June (26 July 2003)

No mercy for controversial Malaysian tropical timber certificates (31 May 2003)

Lim meets Europe's NGO over latest smear campaign on palm oil (26 May 2003)

Dr Lim to lead timber mission to Europe (24 May 2003)

Malaysians charged with forest violations (24 May 2003)

The Malaysian Timber Certification scheme and the FSC (26 March 2003)

Communities and NGOs clarify case with Hamburg Parliament on Timber Certification (26 March 2003)

NGOs accused of sabotaging national forestry initiative (20 March 2003)

Dayaks lagging behind other bumiputeras: Moggie (17 February 2003)

Sarawak government to re-look native issues, says Suhakam (13 February 2003)