2011 News Archive

Scavengers who put Sarawak to shame (6 March 2011)

FBI refuses to meet anti-Taib corruption campaigners (4 March 2011)

Unfazed Taib bulldozes ahead with masterplan (4 March 2011)

Taib has good reason to fear Radio Free Sarawak (4 March 2011)

Jaban: Stop harassing my family (4 March 2011)

The High Court rejects stay of execution (4 March 2011)

Fear tactics will not be tolerated (4 March 2011)

BMF Media Release:Sarawak natives file historical land rights case (4 March 2011)

BN starts a dirty propaganda war to rubbish Radio Free Sarawak (3 march 2011)

Has Taib bitten off more than he can chew? (3 March 2011)

SOPPOA’s Position on the WETLANDS Article (2 March 2011)

The threat of Indonesia's palm oil rush (2 March 2011)

Anti-Taib protests spread to the US (2 March 2011)

‘Jabu must explain RM30m debt’ (2 March 2011)

British, Canadian governments urged to freeze Taib’s assets (1 March 2011)

SAM Media Release: Natives win right to appeal in the Federal Court (1 March 2011)

NCR land: Court sets historic precedent (1 March 2011)

Baru wants debate with CM within two weeks’ time (1 March 2011)

FBI' Seattle office to see embarrassing anti-Taib protest (1 march 2011)

Stop Timber Corruption! The International Week of Action (1 March 2011)

Drop appeals against NCR awards, Bian tells Taib (1 March 2011)

BRIMAS & TAHABAS willing to assist Baru Bian in providing evidence in debate with CM (28 February 2011)

Anti-corruption blog founder Clare returns fire at M’sian authorities (28 February 2011)

Miracle harvest yields miracle profits for Raziah & Robert! (27 February 2011)

Bian invites Taib to open debate (27 February 2011)

The High Court decision has wide implications (26 February 2011)

Concern over rising rate of leasing out NCR lands (26 February 2011)

Another leaf turns in NCR land case saga (26 February 2011)

'Give us back our NCR land' (25 February 2011)

Inquiry on native land (25 February 2011)

Sides point finger at each other in Ulu Niah (25 February 2011)

Canadian government under fire over Taib ties (24 February 2011)

Did you sign away NCR land, Masing? (24 February 2011)

NCR conversion: I don’t have the power, says Masing (24 February 2011)

People’s reps condemn Ulu Niah incident (24 February 2011)

Minggat anak Nyakin; 9 days after bashed-up (23 February 2011)

Gordon Brown's sister-in-law tackles corruption in Borneo (23 February 2011)

High Court decides in favour of Ibans from Kampung Merekai (Rumah Luang) in another historic NCR case (22 February 2011)

Associations: All parties must learn from Niah standoff (21 February 2011)